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For an Ocean cruise on the MV Caribou to the mighty Rock!

Home of perhaps the most storied people in Canada, and the tales told about the fine people living there are told for very good reason I’ve now learned! In fact I’m pleased to report that the real thing far exceeds the expectations built up by the significant volume of yarns celebrating the friendship, humor, good will, fine character, kindness, and compassion exhibited by the people of Newfoundland that I’ve been exposed to over the years, as I must say that in this case the build up was happily not up to the standards of the real thing!

What a great place, and what a fabulous bunch of neighbours!

I’m sure to miss a whole lot of new friends, and I’m sorry to those of you that I do and trust that I’ll have an opportunity to say thanks in person the next time I’m fortunate enough to visit you over on The Rock, but here goes with a list of ‘thank you very much-es’ to some of my new friends in Newfoundland, a place that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘laid back’ and that I’m already missing as I sit in a Levis, QC, campground to write this note.

To Denis B., Christian at C&C Automotive, Tony & the crew at Carnwell’s Spring Works in St. John’s, Ralph, Linda & the folks at Upper Island Cove, Sean & Iris for being such great neighbours in spite of a very late Saturday night, to Brenda, Jennie & the gang at Kelly’s Pub in Grand Falls-Windsor, to Clay and the EHS crew, the staff at the Corner Brook Hospital Emergency Department, and all of the good people of Newfoundland wherever we met and either entertained for you or were entertained by you, my sincerest personal “thank you very much!” goes out to each and every one of you.

That makes it coast-to-coast-in-Canada for Koko and me this summer, and I send a hearty ‘thank you very much!” to Chief Watson R. for welcoming us aboard the MV Caribou and for showing us the porpoises that inhabit the waters between the mainland and The Rock. I enjoyed a pair of fabulous voyages and the services of her excellent crew at either end of my Newfoundland visit, and will look forward to my next crossing as an opportunity to renew acquaintances with old friends.

The way west lies before us now, athough we’ll have another two weeks of work in front of us before we’ll see Thorsby again. The first stop is Montreal, QC, where I’m on stage at The Wheel Club for Hillbilly Night tomorrow at 9PM. Here’s hoping we see you there or at one of the next stops along the never-ending highway, and thanks again for your support!

Until I see you again my friends, enjoy the music and keep on keepin’ on!


TH, 8/18/2010