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A visit with friends old & new, then home to Thorsby, AB!

TH by TK 2010 WEB

TH by TK 2010

The beautiful village on the Alberta prairie where I’ve chosen to hang my hat, a place for which I seem always – and once again – to find a greater appreciation each time that I return.¬† It is beautiful here, and I’m blessed with some of the finest neighbors¬† that a man could have, and while respect for their privacy prevents me from naming them I will thank them here publicly for taking such good care of my things while I am so often away.

It’s good to be home my friends, although I don’t mind telling you that I can’t wait to get back on the road again!

The long way west from St. John’s, NL, was pleasantly interrupted for concert appearances at Montreal, QC, Rossport, ON, and Lorrette, MB, where we were fortunate to be joined by friends old and new. Thus it is that I now look forward to seeing old friends Roger & Mary at the wonderful Serendipity Gardens in picturesque Rossport, and new ones Thida & Heather at Solid Ground in pastoral Lorrette the next time I’m out that way, and you may trust that I’ll be working on my francais for my next trip into old Montreal!

This has been a very good summer for Koko and I, and easily our most successful tour of Canada so far, and for that I want to thank everyone responsible for it. The list is long, and you know that I’m going to forget someone like I always do, however I trust that you’ll forgive me – as you seem always to – and know that for each of you I send along my sincere thanks and my very best wishes. In no particular order then, and from the bottom of this old rock, I send my personal “Thank you very much!” out to Laura Sterling at Sterling Management Services, Heather & Glenn at Angel Records Canada, the management and staff at each of the 50-odd venues that hosted dates on ‘The Wander Man Revisits 2010′ tour, Jay Richards at CJWW radio Saskatchewan, Judy Gough at CHMR radio St. John’s, NL, Chris Plecash at The Algoma News, Wawa, ON, all of the independent, local, and community radio stations, newspapers, TV and media outlets along the way and from coast-to-coast in Canada, and last but certainly always first with me, to each and every friend and fan, old and new, who came to see the shows!

Keep on keepin’ on my friends, and rest easy knowing that I’ll be thinking good thoughts about you and looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Fortunately it goes on however, and thus after a night or two to catch up on my sleep the calendar tells me that I’ll be returning to work a little closer to home this weekend. So it is that I’m happy to invite you to join me for a homecoming celebration at the Blue Chair Cafe, 9624 – 76 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, this Saturday evening, September 4, 2010, at 8PM, with reservations and ticket info available by emailing and I look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks always for your support, remember to check the calendar here for updates & cya at the show!


TH, 8/30/2010