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Most of Harwill’s music is on iTunes , YouTube, Spotify, or your favorite online listening service. The first single ‘Early Riser’ from the band’s new digital album ‘Still Nineteen’ is streaming everywhere now.

For those who might still prefer to listen on CD, limited copies are available by mail order using the information below the discography.  Thanks for your support.


Still Nineteen, 2022 – Digital Album:

‘Still Nineteen’ by Harwill celebrates the enduring power of love.

From the shimmering urgency of its title track to the counter-culture references of first internet single ‘Early Riser’, a rhythmic vibe lives in this recording. Here, nine songs about love, lost, found, and regained conjure a tender snapshot of pop music’s roots.

Though easily overlooked, gender-bending blues/rocker ‘Queen of The Lonesome Valley’ recalls the band’s early days.

The song lends grit and inspires the album’s cover, a cutting by Canada’s Lonigan Gilbert.

‘Still Nineteen’ by Harwill is online everywhere beginning Fall 2022.

On this, the Harwill band’s first new release since 1998, Mike Beley joins Tim Harwill to salute their long run as music allies. With them are a pair of dazzling new bandmates, Lyle LeClair, and Chris Hadden.

In the band’s parlance, the new music proves its green armpits, forever. That, and Harwill music, is a state of mind.

More than anything else, ‘Still Nineteen’ shows their music, like love itself, never ends.

  1. Still Nineteen
  2. Anachronism
  3. Lonely Room
  4. Tatters
  5. Same Old Story
  6. Queen of The Lonesome Valley
  7. Just Another Memory
  8. Near Surrender
  9. Early Riser

tim_harwill_-_dance_floor.170x170-75 Dance Floor, 2014 – CD*:
Featuring a new incarnation of ‘The Legends’ studio band, the 3rd recording released on The Sterling Label was the most successful & also produced by Tim Harwill.  Again multi-tracked on the Tascam 2488Neo at Thorsby it was mixed & mastered by Edmonton’s Perry Blackman.  Home to the #1 Americana hit ‘I Love My Dog’ and #7 Americana single ‘Like Me & You’, its a two-stepping collection of 11 new Harwill tunes straight out of an old school Saturday night in rural Alberta.

  1. Metis Boy
  2. Dance Floor
  3. Never Been Lonely
  4. The Other Guy
  5. Lay It All On Me
  6. Sweet Old Country Music
  7. I Love My Dog
  8. Dues I’ve Been Payin’
  9. The Way We Used To Do It
  10. Like Me And You
  11. Melody Line

'A Tribute to Catfish John' album coverA Tribute to Catfish John, 2012 – CD*:
Digitally recorded live-off-the-floor with the first of ‘The Legends’ studio bands, the 2nd album on The Sterling Label was produced by Tim Harwill & multi-tracked on the Tascam 2488Neo.  A favorite of its producer the recording was mixed & mastered ‘in-the-box’ by Toronto’s Mark Ripp.  It features several of Alberta’s finest country musicians interpreting a half dozen favorites & 6 new Harwill songs written in tribute to late friend & erstwhile acoustic duo partner Catfish John Peterson.

  1. Talkin’ Catfish blues
  2. White line fever (M. Haggard)
  3. Simple song
  4. Rollin’ with the flow (J. Hayes)
  5. The laws of motion
  6. Sunday mornin’ comin’ down (K. Kristofferson)
  7. On these roads
  8. All of me (Simon/Marks)
  9. Don’t let that story go untold
  10. Sometimes I think about Suzanne (J. Talley)
  11. This old guitar
  12. I’ve always been crazy (W. Jennings)

SONBT Album CoverSomethings Old, New, Borrowed & True, 2011 – CD (Live Concert Recording)*:
This is a live recording of a solo concert performed on a hot afternoon in July, 2011, at Toronto, Ontario. Recorded digitally by friend & colleague Mark Ripp the album was mixed & mastered ‘In-The-Box’ at his Scarborough studio.  The 1st release on The Sterling Label was produced by Laura Sterling & is a largely retrospective collection regularly cited as a favorite by Harwill fans.

  1. Sittin’ in a hotel room
  2. The only thing worth keeping
  3. Hard times
  4. The ballad of Kenny Holmes
  5. Spinner of Tales
  6. Lingering places
  7. Manitoba
  8. Talkin’ Catfish blues
  9. Dreamer (S. Young)
  10. No TV show
  11. Sometimes I think about Suzanne (J. Talley)
  12. The wander man revisited

The Wander Man Revisited, 2009 – CD*:
The second studio recording produced by Tim Harwill was also the second mixed & mastered at Nashville.  This album was partially recorded at Music City by the legendary Jonell Polansky.  With most tracks recorded live-off-the-floor on the Tascam 2488Neo, it delivers 12 new Harwill songs plus a 2nd instrumental.  Marketed by Angel Records Canada the recording features vocal collaborations with songwriter friends Tim Hus, James Talley, & Steve Young.

  1. Sittin’ in a hotel room
  2. Barely alive
  3. Hard times ~ w/ James Talley
  4. Road traveled less ~ w/ Steve Young
  5. The ballad of Kenny Holmes
  6. The wander man revisited
  7. The only thing worth keeping
  8. No TV show ~ w/ James Talley
  9. Love song for you
  10. All I’ve got left
  11. For Judith
  12. The keeps you blues ~ w/ Tim Hus

All I Really Need, 2006 – CD*:
This album was the first produced by Tim Harwill, the first to feature a full band, and also the first to go Nashville where it was mastered by the legendary Jonell Polansky. An introspective 10-title collection of Harwill songs digitally multi-tracked on the Yamaha AW4416, it features a number of outstanding instrumental performances captured in studios at Edmonton & Thorsby, Alberta.

  1. All I really need
  2. While I can
  3. All too well
  4. It’s hard
  5. She’s got comfort
  6. One more last call
  7. What you’re goin’ through
  8. Don’t lose my hair
  9. In a house
  10. Seasons

Thru The Bottom Of A Glass, 2005 – CD *:
Recorded live-off-the-floor at South Ave Productions in Spruce Grove, Alberta, this album features Catfish John Peterson & Tim Harwill in acoustic duo format.  Produced, recorded & mixed by John Stuart on an ADAT system, the eclectic 14-title collection of new Harwill songs included a 1st instrumental. It was mastered by our good friends at Indie Pool.

  1. World out there
  2. Every mile
  3. Plough boy blues
  4. Just once
  5. Fine lookin’ woman
  6. Thru the bottom of a glass
  7. Finer place
  8. Match made in heaven
  9. This old world
  10. May 1968~ Cynthia
  11. Still singin’
  12. Stranger passed this way
  13. One time fit
  14. Movin’ along

CD-1-CoverSpinner of Tales, 1998 – CD *:
The debut release co-produced by Tim Harwill & long-time collaborator Mike Beley featured 10 examples of TH’s early songwriting.  Digitally recorded live-off-the-floor on a Tascam DA-88 by Raj Ramtej with lead vocals performed in a closet, it was an experiment with a happy ending courtesy of the mixing skills of Perry Blackman.

  1. Sometimes
  2. Green water
  3. Manitoba
  4. Thinkin’ back
  5. Lingering places
  6. I can’t do no more
  7. Better off somewhere
  8. Right beside you
  9. These days
  10. Spinner of tales

*Limited numbers available by mail order


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