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Monthly Archives: July 2013

A time for second cuts

With a break in the road-related action the time has arrived to put up a few microphones and produce a few more scratch tracks as preparation for the recording of the next Tim Harwill album continues here at Thorsby. A day of recording acoustic guitar with vocals is thus on my agenda for what is […]

Saturday night at Thorsby

After spending a fabulous evening on stage with The Sure Things up north with our new friends at the Pelican in Plamondon we’ll be keeping it closer to home this weekend with a stop into the Hotel Saloon at Thorsby this Saturday night. Believe it or not this will be my first stop into the […]

On the road to Plamondon

With the mini-heatwave now receding and the Alberta summer returning to normal we’re off to the northern reaches of the province this weekend for a Saturday night show with The Sure Things at Plamondon. While we’ve heard good things about the Pelican (the name of the local saloon) this will be our first trip up […]