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One step forward & a couple more back


As stubborn and willful as I continue to be it surprises me how often a step back will prove the key that unlocks the mystery of artistic creation.

I’m grateful for the hard-earned willingness to subject myself to the consistently mortifying and exhaustively vulnerable process of ongoing critical evaluation that accompanies a life in the arts.  The ability to sustain and maintain oneself and ones’ vision through the harshest of editorial and production critiques is a necessity if the artist is to arrive at a hoped for destination.

I’m as grateful to have been gifted with a reliable group of professional and personal critics of my art as I have been for the harsh nature of my own editorial pencil.  The loss of either would be disastrous and as I finally near the destination for which I have searched with my work in music I’m pleased to acknowledge the invaluable assistance of both.

The ongoing process of critical review has thus recently led a man to re-unite with old friends and colleagues who’s previously shared creative vision has again aligned with his own.  While the end result will deliver the proof of the wisdom behind the decision, I’m thrilled to announce that The Sterling Label has contracted the inimitable Perry Blackman for the post-production (mix & master) of my soon-to-be-released new album titled ‘Dance Floor’ by Tim Harwill & the Legends.

With additional time provided by a change in release dates and post-production locations, I’ve also been allowed to schedule additional recording sessions for the new album.  Thus it is that I’m pleased to announce that I’ve engaged my former stage-&-studio partner Mike Beley to provide some additional guitar stylings to the sound of ‘the Legends’ band featured on ‘Dance Floor’.

I’m thrilled to present this music and this recording to the friends and fans that have made it possible for me to get where I’ve been going.  I’m as grateful as a man possessed of a solitary vision can be for the support and assistance of his friends and colleagues in the realization of a production that to this point has been an unattainable dream.

The first single released to radio from the new album will coincide with National Aboriginal Week on Friday, June 20, 2014.  Thanks in advance for requesting the song ‘Metis Boy’ by Tim Harwill & the Legends from your local radio station now and thanks always for your support.

– TH, 06/02/2014