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A note on progress

HM Studio & Mics 2010 004

To again paraphrase the late great poet William Blake, it goes on.

With the rise of the dandelions in the front yard at Thorsby heralding the mid-May arrival of spring the march toward completion of post-production on the latest album continues at Toronto.  The launch of the first mower assault upon the noxious yellow weed has now been successfully concluded as has the mixing of the first pair of songs in what will be an eleven song collection when complete.

Patience remains a prized virtue for which a man is grateful.

The battle with the dandelions will continue, unabated although intermittent, as long as the yard persists.  The completion of post-production will likely arrive in advance of the next bloom of the annual scourge.

A man hoped, foolishly and with great ignorance, that his music might last as long as the weeds.

When a younger man my father would tell me regularly that it was most important that a man have something to do.  That the something be that which a man either enjoyed or loved doing was of no greater than secondary importance.  In spite of holding great appreciation for the wisdom of my father and having trusted him implicitly, I chose to cut my trail with my own hand.

It has been my choice, and thus my failure, to occupy myself solely in pursuit of those things which I have either enjoyed or loved doing.

There appears to be no stemming the perennial return of the dastardly weed despite all manner of weaponry deployed against it.  A man can only hope that the life of making music renews itself with such persistent vigor.  The arrival of the latest recording will be the next opportunity for the music which has been my obsession as well as my vocation to demonstrate similar resilience.

A man can only hope that this quality has been achieved.

Thanks for being here and I hope you enjoy the music.

– TH, 05/23/2014