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Back to Manitoba this week!

1998 debut release 'Spinner Of Tales'

After enjoying an evening with some new friends last Wednesday night at Plan B in merry old Moncton, NB, including Tracy, the wonderful Meadow, and friend-in-need John, we’re hiding from the Ontario heat at Nipigon in the midst of a week-long journey across the province to put on a show for our good friends at Lorette, MB. The folks at Plan B are operating one of the few remaining establishments featuring music 7-nights per week, and we look forward to a return visit and wish them nothing but the best until we see them again!

Koko as usual is resting up after a long day spent on guard duty in this extraordinary humidity and I plan to reply to a few emails before saddling up early tomorrow morning for the roll around the rest of Gitchigoomi and our last night spent in Ontario for a while, and we’re gonna miss it until we get back. With the show at the Solid Grounds Art House & Cafe, Lorette, MB, set for Thursday night, we’re hoping a few friends turn up for a howdy-and-shake, so thanks again for spreading the word that we’re on our way thru. This will be our first working visit to Manitoba since we stopped in last summer, and we’re looking forward to saying hello to some old and new friends of Harwill when I hit the stage at 7pm local time.

As mentioned in the previous post here, independent film producer/director Aveek Mansur and the Toronto Picture Company have an ongoing documentary interview series running on Youtube, and I spent a day chatting with him while in Toronto, and they continue to release footage of that days’ proceedings. I’m including a link to both the True Indie Project site and the latest Youtube video link below and look forward to reading your comments and reviews. As a bonus, there is an updated solo take on an old Harwill track performed live featured in the video which I think you might enjoy.

I thank you as always for passing the word along the never-ending highway that we’re on our way thru and I look forward to seeing you at the show!

– TH, 8/1/2011