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The road west begins…

With a midnight voyage west to Nova Scotia aboard the MV Blue Puttees after a too-short stay with our good friends in Newfoundland, the morning sun finds me back on the Canadian mainland dreaming of the toughest place to leave that I’ve yet found along the never-ending highway, and that ain’t got nothin’ to do with the ocean ferry. Thanks to all of our friends for taking such good care of us and for sharing the laughs, love and the best party in Canada, we’ll be missing you until we return next year and wish you nothing but the best until we’re fortunate enough to be back upon the fabled Rock with you all again. From our hearts to yours we send you love and gratitude for your friendship and support with a big shout out to our oldest island friends Tina, Amber, Shep and the gang at Kelly’s Pub in Grand-Falls Windsor, our new friends at The Barroom in Corner Brook, April & Rick, Neko, Phil, Tim and Ashley, and to all of our pals at The Rockwood in Deer Lake, including Rock, Amber & Kevin ~ thanks for the great sound man 😉 ~ and the very best roots music audiences in Canada, keep on keepin’ on and cya next time thru!

Koko is resting up after a long weekend spent on guard duty and I’m planning to catch up on my sleep and reply to a few emails before saddling up tomorrow and rolling on down to Moncton, NB, for a show at the Plan B Lounge, 212 St. George Street, on Wednesday night, and hoping a few friends turn up for a howdy-and-shake, so thanks again for spreading the word that we’re on our way thru. It’s our first visit to New Brunswick since the unfortunate cancellation of the show scheduled there last year and we’re looking forward to saying hello to some old and new friends of Harwill when I hit the stage at 10pm local time.

As warned in a previous post, independent film producer/director Aveek Mansur and the Toronto Picture Company have an ongoing documentary interview series running on Youtube, and when I passed thru Toronto on tour this summer they arranged to have me join them for a conversation in front of their cameras. The first release of that days’ proceedings has now been made available and I’m including a link to both the True Indie Project site and the Youtube video link below and look forward to reading your comments and reviews. As a bonus, there is new and unreleased Harwill music performed live and featured in the video which I of course hope you’ll enjoy.

It’s time to grab a guitar for some very rare on-the-road-rehearsal-time and I thank you as always for passing the word along the never-ending highway that we’re on our way thru and I look forward to seeing you at the show!

– TH, 7/25/2011