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Best Wishes For 2016!



Hello friends and best of the season to everyone!

The end of my favorite year fast approaches and I am loath to see it go.

All things must however and so I wish to each of you the very best for the New Year fast approaching. Here’s hoping you and yours enjoy another of your favorites in 2016. May the best of all possible worlds be yours to share and enjoy in abundance.

Thank you for your support. Through the many years long behind us and for the year just passed. Without your continuing assistance I could not be doing what I love best and I thank you sincerely for the privilege.

To those who booked either Tim Harwill the performing songwriter or the Tim Harwill Band to celebrate a function or special event this year I send my sincere thanks. Without you it would be over before it started and you have my gratitude and respect.

To those who attended either a Tim Harwill solo show or a performance of the classics by the Tim Harwill Band I send my personal applause and endless thanks. Those who earn our living in this business know the audience is the real star of every show and you make my life on stage a great joy.

To the radio disc jockeys and programmers across the United States who provided the medium for my first Top 10 hits on Americana radio I send a lifetime of thanks. It was a long wait made easy by ‘I Love My Dog’ spending three weeks at #1 on the charts and an experience I won’t forget.

To those who purchased a CD either online or off the stage I send the greatest of my thanks. It is because of you that I’m able to eat and maintain a desire to continue. Your appreciation of my work is also what makes it worthwhile.

Thanks to all of you for your support.

I hope to earn more of it in the years ahead.

Like my favorite year however the time to suspend the Harwill mailing list has also arrived. In future the latest Harwill related information will be found on the website or on the Tim Harwill Fan Page on Facebook. I am ‘officially’ discontinuing these semi-regular news releases effective immediately. This note will serve as the final edition of what was originally known as ‘The Harwill News’. It will also be the last group email message sent to you courtesy of Tim Harwill. To those who have been perusing these missives since the early days of the new century I thank you for your tireless commitment.

To all I say thanks very much for being here.

I’ve learned much from the habit of writing these notes and appreciate the patience extended by their readers.

The rules of online etiquette and group email have changed dramatically since the first edition of ‘The Harwill News’. As a fellow somewhat isolated from the popular culture I admit to not keeping up with many of these changes. Unfortunately it was my recent experience to be introduced to the reality of the new rules after the release of the last of these notes several months ago.

I will say I was most dismayed to receive the threatening email citing my ignorance of them. This would represent an understatement of some magnitude though a fellow would rather not belabor the point.

It turns out the SPAM problem has several unintended consequences and group email is one of the unfortunate aspects of life online collaterally damaged by the mitigation of it. I think we can live with the loss of harmless flotsam such as ‘The Harwill News’ if it helps rid the net of the evil jetsam that is SPAM. In any event I’m both unable and unwilling to invest the time and money required in accommodating the new world email order to continue.

Your electronic junk mail box will no doubt appreciate the decision.

One hopes mail servers everywhere will be relieved.

The following statement is to satisfy to the best of my ability the minimum required by the new rules for the transmission of group email. As this note is the last I’ll send one hopes my attempt at compliance will be sufficient for the email police.

If not then c’est la’ vis!

Please send a reply with REMOVE ME in the subject line to opt out of future messages originating from this address.

Thanks again for your support and all the best in the New Year!

All things willing I’ll see you at the show.

Thorsby, AB, Canada
December 15, 2015