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Mud Bog on Friday night!

TH&DZ-Mercer2013 (621x640)

After enjoying a performance outdoors in the sun last weekend at Edmonton, The Sure Things are loading up and rolling out to Plamondon for Mud Bog 2013 this week. This will be our second trip up to play the tavern in the mighty Pelican Hotel and we can’t wait to join the crew up there for what we’ve been told is going to be one wild weekend of mud-boggin’ good times. As we’re a traveling band that earns our living by the one-nite stand we’ll be on stage there Friday night only however, with the show starting at 9pm (Harwill time) and we sure look forward to seeing you there.

We’d also like to send a special “Thank you very much!” out to all of our new friends at the Eastwood Community League for sharing their wonderful hospitality. We had a great time and look forward to seeing everybody again next time through.

Meanwhile on the health front physiotherapy continues and (slow) steady progress toward a planned return to my beloved trail running seems to be on schedule for this fall. Thanks for keeping a good thought and here’s hoping that I’m back in the gym and out on the trails before too long.

Thanks for being here and see you at the show.

– TH, 08/13/2013