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Thorsby on Saturday night!

TH&DZ-Mercer2013 (621x640)

After enjoying a return visit to the mighty Pelican Hotel at Plamondon last weekend for Mud Bog 2013 ~ a unique & dirty celebration of all things internally combusted ~ The Sure Things will be keeping things closer to home this week. We want to send a hearty and personal “Thank you very much!” up to CJ and the crew at the Pelican for their outstanding hospitality and mention that we’re already looking forward to our next visit.

Good friends, good food, and good times are the cherry on top of a music mans’ life, and we’re pleased to have found all three at the Pelican.

While a private function will have us on stage at Wetaskiwin for a day-long celebration in front of a captive audience on Friday, The Sure Things will return ‘home’ to the Thorsby Hotel Tavern this Saturday night for a public show starting at 9:30PM. Here’s hoping you can drop by for a howdy-&-shake if you’re in search of some good clean fun this weekend as there is no cover charge for this one and everybody is welcome at the friendliest little tavern on the prairie.

Few things in life are appreciated more than a home game, and we can’t wait to hit the stage to entertain our neighbours and friends!

On the health front I can report continued slow-&-steady improvement via physiotherapy with little concern for re-injury due to to ongoing incapacity. While I will admit that the time away from training is allowing me to heal a myriad of nagging injuries (and get fat!) you may rest assured that I chomp at the bit awaiting the earliest opportunity to evaluate the ongoing repairs under real-world circumstances.

Like the man said, I guess I’ve always been crazy.

Thanks again for being here and see you at the show.

– TH, 08/20/2013