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Return to The Rock this weekend!

TH on stage

Boots & Guitar

After surviving the highways of Quebec – perhaps the worst in Canada – and the seemingly endless hill climbs of New Brunswick, I’m loading up the van here in beautiful Nova Scotia for a weekend run across the channel to visit with some friends old and new at a few shows in fabled Newfoundland. The ferry departs at 1am and we’re storing the rv here on the mainland this year as we’re scheduled to return on the overnight Sunday and will use hotels while we’re on the island. As always Koko is in good spirits while the joy of the impending ocean ferry voyage is cause for a similar amount of celebration as a tooth ache on my behalf however one suffers for ones’ art as required.

Thanks for checking the calendar here and I look forward to a howdy-and-shake from everyone at Corner Brook, Grand-Falls Windsor, and Deer Lake this weekend!

We had a wild week and weekend hanging out down in the Big Smoke, and our hope as always is that we left the place a little happier than it was when we found it. Having said that we’re hoping that in addition to a few new friends there are additional fruits from our labors this year, and the early post-production reports from mixing engineer Mark Ripp ~ ~ have been promising and I’m hopeful that we’ll soon have a new release to celebrate. I’ll keep you posted regarding progress and a release date here, and look forward to sharing the good news as soon as it arrives, and want to send thanks to Mark Ripp for his interest and support.

As mentioned previously I had agreed to appear in the documentary film interview series True Indie Project prior to the show scheduled forĀ  Rena’s Cafe on Sunday, and so met with producer Aveek Mansur and his outstanding technical crew for an extended filming session on Saturday afternoon at his studio in downtown Toronto. While this was an experience unlike any other that I’ve personally experienced, I’m hopeful that no harm was done and that the finished product delivers on the excitement of the process itself, which I found alternately unnerving and exhilarating and which you’ll be able to see for yourself at in the near future, or so I’ve been told. I’m looking forward to your reviews and to seeing the thing myself, and send many thanks to Aveek and the Toronto Picture Company for their interest and support.

It’s time to grab a quick bite to eat before finishing the load-out and heading off to check in 2 hours early at the ferry terminal, and I thank you as always for passing the word along the never-ending highway that we’re on our way thru and we’ll see you at the show!

– TH, 7/21/2011