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Back @ Wawa tonite…

TH & his Eastwood Classic 12

TH & his Eastwood Classic 12

Fresh off of a couple of excellent nights on stage spent with good friends old and new, I’m sitting in the parking lot of the Wawa Motor Inn as I tap out this quick progress report. My first visit to Thunder Bay was a highlight as I was joined on stage by the wonderful and talented Ms. Jenny Allen, Ms. Sarah Burton, and Ms. Andrea Ramolo for a delightful evening of toe-tapping Canadian roots music at the fabulous Black Pirates Pub, home of world-class audio engineer Sean and some of the most music-friendly folks in the country. A delight from start to finish, I can only say thanks very kindly to new friends Jay-man and Ms. Blair for their much-appreciated contributions to a memorable evening, I’m already looking forward to catching up next time thru.

Last night was spent in the comfort of old friends along the shores of the great inland sea, and as always it was an evening filled with laughter, good food, good friends, and some of the best Harwill music. As always, I’ll be looking forward to seeing Joan & Bill, Joanne & George, our fabulous hosts, and all of our good friends next year as we again traverse the shores of mighty Lake Superior.

It’s almost time to load in here at the motor, and I hit the stage at 10pm tonite ~ Harwill time ~ so I’ll wrap up by saying thanks again to everyone and see you at the show!

-TH, 7/9/2011