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A time for second cuts

HM Studio & Mics 2010 004

With a break in the road-related action the time has arrived to put up a few microphones and produce a few more scratch tracks as preparation for the recording of the next Tim Harwill album continues here at Thorsby. A day of recording acoustic guitar with vocals is thus on my agenda for what is expected to be a warm and sunny Alberta summer afternoon as we move the project along to the next stage of production.

A total of 6 titles are scheduled for tracking today, with the 2nd take of a track previously recorded for the upcoming collection (featuring a different arrangement) and 5 new Harwill songs on the days’ production list. This means a relatively short work day as the current guitar/vocal recordings are strictly live-off-the-floor although it’s likely that I’ll use a click track for the sake of my drummers’ preparation.

The bad news is that a misadventure on the basketball court has resulted in serious injury to my left plantar fascia and my right achilles tendon, leaving me effectively immobilized for at least the near future while physiotherapy and pain-killing medications take effect. At the least this is going to make for an interesting experience in the recording studio while at worst my ability to perform live has been significantly compromised. I’ll keep you posted regarding my progress and I appreciate your good thoughts for a speedy recovery very much.

It is apparent that while I remain tougher than leather I continue to be as fragile as glass.

Thanks again for being here and see you at the show.

– TH, 07/19/2013