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Leduc & Plamondon for THB this week!

THB-SBH-2-2013 (640x540)

With an early Chinook improving the weather in central Alberta the THB calendar leads to saloon shows at Leduc on Friday and Plamondon on Saturday nights respectively this week. With the capital district and the near-north mainly shoveled out or melted off we’re looking forward to the bands’ first visit to Leduc and our latest return visit with our friends at Plamondon.

Thanks for spreading the word that we’re on the way and see you at the show!

The bands’ first trips north to Colinton and west to Sunnybrook were enjoyed by all and we look forward to an early return. The hospitality at both places was fabulous and the party a reminder of why what happens on the road stays on the road. We send our thanks to everybody for keepin’ the outlaw in our country!

The THB will remain on the road 3 days out 7 until the 3rd week in December when we’ll take a short break prior to a show on NYE 2013. We plan to spend some time in the recording studio early in the new year and hope to return with our 1st album release by the time we’re back on the highway. The talk is that we’ll return to the stage as early as mid-February however I’ll keep you posted with the ‘whys & wherefores’ here.

Thanks for checking the calendar here or on the THB Facebook page and see you at the show.

– TH, 11/28/2013