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A party at Namao

TH&DZ-Mercer2013 (621x640)

After spending another several weeks hanging out with a variety of physiotherapists in the fruitless pursuit of recovery the THB is back on the road this weekend. A last-minute call to entertain a group of corporate revelers will have the Duo on stage for a one-night stand just north of Edmonton tonight and I’ve been assured that no further damage to my wheels will result.

A working man appreciates the last-minute calls as much as any other when he earns his daily bread with his instrument and we stay well-rehearsed and ‘stage-ready’ at all times in order to service them.

We’ll be back on the highway for the honky-tonk fall tour in a couple of weeks and look forward to joining friends and fans across the province. Thanks again to everybody for supporting live country music and see you at the show.

– TH, 10/12/2013