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To Calgary & then Kamloops on a Saturday night!

Download official Tim Harwill publicity photograph here.

Download official Tim Harwill publicity photograph here.

While I’ve been enjoying the warm weather of impending spring here in Alberta, it’s back to the stage for me this week as I’m off to Calgary to make an appearance on a radio show this Friday afternoon courtesy of UP! 97.7 FM before heading over the Rockies to a one night stand at ‘Crush on Victoria’ in Kamloops, BC, Saturday night. Here’s hoping you’re able to listen in Friday at noon or drop by Crush (650 Victoria St.) for a howdy-and-shake, where the show will start at 7:30PM.

Appreciate the support of Calgary radio very much and looking forward to catching up with friends and family at Kamloops!

Also wanted to send a hearty “Thank you very much!” out to my new friends at the Redline Diner at Spruce Grove, AB, for the outstanding hospitality, great food, and welcoming audience. A fun and friendly place operated by good people, I enjoyed spending a weekend on stage there and look forward to a return visit.

With the clocks now moved ahead and the daylight hours slowly extending the rehab (rebuild?) program continues for me here at Thorsby. I’d be lying if I were to claim that I was pleased at my progress so far however I remain committed to restoring my health, both physical and mental, in order that I may continue wandering this highway of dreams, broken and otherwise, that has been my home.

Both patient and stubborn, as always I endeavor to persevere.

After completing what will have been a busy month of travel and performance in March, the plan is to produce a few scratch track (acoustic) recordings of the latest batch of new songs during the month of April, when touring obligations are light. The new tracks will spend the spring and summer in the CD players of The Legends band and the Harwill production team prior to feedback and review sessions in the fall. At that point and as the touring calendar permits, another set of scratch recordings featuring a ‘semi-final’ list of tracks and arrangements will be produced for distribution to the same group of people for further comment. The artistically demanding and time-consuming process repeats as required and/or necessary, with other considerations secondary, until completed. A lengthy production approach, the meandering organics of the method described will ultimately lead to full band recording sessions (after a year or so of refinement, discussion, and preparation) which a man hopes will see the light of day as a produced and recorded musical work in album format by late 2014.

All things willin’ and the creek don’t rise.

Being only too aware of how hard life laughs when a man makes a plan, as an adherent of the common sense it remains my choice to have at least this one. Thus equipped and in spite of a well-documented inability to hit the curve ball I continue with the windmill-tilting course of living this life that I have loved so well, and trust always that the best is yet to come.

Thanks for being here and see you at the show.

– TH, 03/12/2013