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On stage @ Jeffrey’s Cafe in Edmonton this week!

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Sometimes it works, and sometimes it don’t.

With a few minor exceptions that statement can be applied to a whole lot of situations however in this case I’m using it (facetiously?) to describe the current state of my touring calendar. The winter of my discontent continues and in spite of my complaints a return to the stage is at hand as I’m scheduled for an appearance at Jeffrey’s Cafe & Wine Bar, 9640 – 142 St., Edmonton, AB, this Thursday, February 28, 2013, at 8pm.

One of the premier jazz music venues in the Alberta capital district, over the last few years Jeff’s has become one of my favorite places to perform through a winning combination of fine hospitality, good food, and excellent acoustics. The fact that they’ve committed to regularly featuring yours’ truly on their entertainment calendar has no doubt added to my affection for the place however you’d be remiss not to stop by if you’re a fan of live music ~ the majority of it jazz ~ which is featured most nights of the week.

A great bunch of people and a place who’s support I appreciate more than I can say, here’s hoping we see you there.

It has been recently noted that my particular form of insanity (of which I possess no short supply) seems to peak at irregular but highly predictable intervals. With an astonishing degree of accuracy, it appears that I tend to detach from my mental and emotional stays primarily under the influence of two opposing sets of circumstances. The first; when I’ve been on the road too long, and the second; when I’ve been off of the road for any length of time.

Suffice it to say that I’m aware of my quandary and working diligently to ignore it.

The reality is that being too long on the road tires me out and makes me paranoid while being off of it for any length of time leaves me to explore the recesses of my mind and scares the hell out of me. With no psychiatric education to lean on the schizophrenic effects of this life that I’ve chosen tends to leave me befuddled, and partly (not completely!) explains my choice of canine living companion. For a man’s best friend is exactly that and should be; his best friend under any and all circumstances, and for this I’m eternally grateful to my hairy pal Mr. Koko, the best I’ve had and certainly the most long-suffering.

As always thanks for your support and see you at the show.

– TH, 02/24/2013