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Back from B.C. solo!

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Imagine my surprise when realizing I hadn’t visited the site since June!  During the interim I’ve been so busy with the THB and preparing for my return to solo touring that I haven’t made time to even update the calendar here.  My apologies to those who still drop in for the latest Harwill news and my promise that I’ll do my best to get something posted on a more regular basis in future.

The return to solo performing was successful enough that a reasonable amount of it may continue to be a part of my touring itinerary.  Rest assured that a return to 280-nights per year living on the highway isn’t under consideration.  Neither myself nor Mr. Koko are interested in more of that surprisingly punishing lifestyle at this point though we still enjoy making our living on the road.

The work I’m doing with the THB is more fun than I hoped it would be and I’m both surprised and relieved to be able to say that.  After so many years playing mainly my own music the opportunity to play the tunes that I learned first has been a tremendously freeing experience.  It’s been inspirational to the songwriter and challenging to the musician to re-learn and re-discover the music that ignited my desire to be a professional in the first place.  For this I’m grateful and can only thank the people responsible for granting me the opportunity to continue making my life in music, which remains the greatest gift I’ve been given.

Next up for me is more stage time with the THB prior to heading east for a few solo dates in northwestern Ontario.  I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to getting back to see my friends and fans along the shores of Gitchigoomee as it’s too long I’ve been away!  With a pair of feet that work beneath me and after eight weeks of training I’m finally ready to be back on the road and look forward to catching up.

Rehearsal calls again and so I’ll bid an adieu and thank you for being here and for spreading the word that the man from Harwill is back in the saddle.

Cya at the show!

  • TH, August 21, 2015