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The only constant!


Change the plan!

The favorite saying of one of my early mentors, it’s a mantra that I’ve found applies best to the vagaries of life in the business of professional music. Another favorite and well-known old saw that works is the withering ‘If things don’t change they’re going to stay the same!’.

Change is the only true constant.

A combination of factors has contributed to the latest series of changes now heading my way and the wise man will often choose to go with the flow rather than fight the current. That being the case I’m focusing my energies on the completion of my latest batch of original recordings rather than fighting the recalcitrant tide of nay-saying worriers most recently found yapping at my creative heels.

The cake has been baked and the preparation of the icing is now underway.

As is often the case, a kitchen crowded with too many line and prep cooks must be emptied in order to allow the chef to create the true flavor. As professional kitchens are known for their heat, there are many who will be forced to leave due to the intensity of the flame generated when the chef begins to work. In fact, only the chosen few are able to stand that heat while maintaining an appropriate level of commitment to their individual duties.

Thus the rate of turnover is relatively high in the world of the professional kitchen, as it is in the business of professional music. A significant annoyance to both chef’s and bandleaders, it’s a fact of life accepted as a regular element of the professional worlds that we individually inhabit.

Ce la vie.

It most definitely goes on, and I’m looking forward to presenting my latest and very best work to you for your listening pleasure soon.

Thanks for being here and see you at the show.

– TH, 02/17/2014