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Welcome the Tim Harwill Band

TH&DZ-Mercer2013 (621x640)

After spending the summer months blissfully ignorant of the fact that we were wearing the name of another indie band (from eastern Canada, of whom we were unaware & to whom we offer our sincere apologies) as our own across the province, we’re honor-bound to make an immediate name change for our band. That being the case I’m happy to introduce you to the Tim Harwill Band (hereafter referenced as the THB), featuring Tim Harwill on lead vocals & acoustic rhythm guitar and Dustin Zawalski on lead electric guitar & harmony vocals.

The THB will continue to support the outlaw country music tradition with a focus on rural Alberta touring in the traditional home of country music, the hotel saloon. The THB will continue to bring the outlaw country music tradition to urban audiences by appearing at a variety of corporate functions throughout the province. The THB will begin recording the first Tim Harwill Band album in early 2014 with plans to tour across Canada in 2015 now in development.

Thank you very much for your continued support, the THB couldn’t do it without you and we look forward to continuing to bring the outlaw country music tradition to you wherever you are.

There are places a man gets to in this life that deliver to him more than that which he came in search of, for better or for worse, I have found. One such place has been the Twin Cities Saloon at Longview, Alberta, where the newly-minted-&-wrongly-labeled THB spent the weekend just passed on stage. A jewel of the foothills, the Twin Cities and the people who manage and frequent the place have always given to me more than I expected, and this weekend was no exception. In a world gone mad the place and the people endure and laugh as it all passes by, dealing with tragedy and natures fury with stoic determination and gentle kindness for one another. Then there’s the burn-the-house-down partying that happens in the saloon on the weekends, the dance floor-filling,  patio-spilling, beer-soaked-t-shirt wearing, late-night-early-morning willing party that a man loves to see get started from that little stage.

Few things in life are finer than comin’ home. Thanks to Heather and all the good people down at the Twin Cities Saloon for throwin’ down the welcome mat and helping me to rediscover my place in this big old mess. I wouldn’t want it any other way and I look forward to seeing you next time thru for as long as you’ll have me.

With progress and physio therapy continuing into week 8 since the injury to my wheels the THB is taking a short break from the road to see if I can get properly healed. We plan to be on hiatus until Halloween however I’ll be working on a new album project with an Edmonton rock artist here at the HM studio during the time off. I’ll keep you posted on both fronts regarding progress and thank you as always for your good thoughts.

Thanks for being here and see you at the show.

– TH, 09/03/2013