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The only constant!


A change is as good as a rest is what I’ve been told, and it’s been my belief that one of the reasons that  I seem to find myself with a goodly supply of energy in spite of my advancing years is the constant change that dominates my professional life. That plus a life-long commitment to maintaining my physical fitness in spite of debilitating injury, a healthy ‘lacto-ovo’ vegetarian diet, and a private life as devoid of the trauma associated with poor lifestyle choices and relationship drama as possible has kept me remarkably fit and reasonably sane as I move grudgingly into my old age.

It’s a never-ending highway that I’ve wandered and I continue to look forward to what awaits around the roads’ next bend!

Immediately then the latest change arrives in the form of my resigning my position as alternate-week host of the open mic at Spruce Grove. While it was fun while it lasted, the travel and schedule requirements have proven to be too difficult to manage in spite of a limited touring calendar, and as a result I can’t continue. I want to thank all of my friends (old & new) for their support and I look forward to seeing you at the next Harwill show in the capital district.

Thanks as always for being here and see you at the show!

– TH, 06/03/2013